Shana Tova and End of Year News

This is Bubble, my 6 year old chocolate poodle, and Saffron, my 7 year old apricot poodle. They're named after two characters from Absolutely Fabulous and they are... absolutely fabulous. It was taken a couple weeks ago.
Yesterday Bubble's left eye was suddenly cloudy, milky blueish white.  After online research about cataracts and possible treatment, I decided that surgery was not an option for a small dog because of the risk with anesthesia.
Today Bubble met a lovely animal eye doctor, gave blood for tests with total calm, and was her normal kissy self.  It wasn't a cataract.  It was glaucoma and the floodgates had opened, clearly building internally over time but Bubble never told me she had pain. She is irreversibly blind in that eye. The eye pain is a whopper. In the morning, on this Rosh Hashana, Bubble will go back to the doctor and have her left eye removed.  The anesthesiologist has never lost a patient.  Bubble's eyesight in the left eye can never come back but the pain will be there as long as the eye is there.  So the cure means getting rid of the pain and leaving Bubble whole.  Whole but without that eye.  She will look just as she does above but like her tiny brown eyelid is closed on that side, barely noticeable on her teensy face.
I'm told that after the surgery dogs are shockingly like puppies again, full of energy that pain had pushed away.  Looking forward to a new year and great healthy outcomes for everyone!


  1. Wow Hylla, you and the eye thing... L'Shanah Tova and good luck!!

  2. Thanks, Honey. Shana tova to you and Ben. too. Yeay, you know I can relate to the eye pain. But she will be perfect tomorrow!

  3. aw! sorry she has to have surgery, but sounds like she'll be in good hands- my kitty recently came thru a rough patch, and it's true, she has been a happy lively kitty ever since :)

  4. Happy New Year, Hylla, and good luck today at the vet. I thought of you the other day when I found fabulous square dinner plates (I used them last night), a different rooster on each plate!
    Years ago I had burmese cats and as they aged, they developed health issues, one of them became blind because his retinas separated (I think from being diabetic) and he managed fine until old age ended his long life.

  5. Oh, Hylla, so sorry to hear about Bubbles! The poor little girl. But I'm glad you took her to the vet as soon as you noticed and that the surgery will help her to live pain free. Best wishes to her and to you! And to Saffron. (I loved AbFab so much and those characters were great.)

    Shana Tova to you and all of yours!

  6. How is Bubble doing now? I hope that she is pain free and acting more like her old self.